Strapping Machine

Strapping machines are also known as the carton balers. They are used to store the finished carton before tranfering to the user. And binding machines are easy to store and tranfer 10 or 20 stacked cartons.


Strapping machines use the strapping to strap the package, then complete the binding operation.


protective action: strapping machines can increase the strength of packaging to reduce the losses caused by bulk packages;


convenience: strapping machines can improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, saving transport time, space and transportation costs.

AS-20 strapping machine


Power Speed belt width Net weight
240V 50Hz ≤1.5second/cycle 6mm-15mm 30kgs
Gross weight Driving motor Size(LxMxH) G.W/N.W
70kgs Sigle-phase 1/4HP 895x565x735 70kgs/30kgs
AS-10 strapping machine


Power Speed belt width package size
220V 50HZ ≤3second/cycle 6mm-15mm 60mm~Unlimited
Max tension force G.W/N.W Size(L*M*H)  
50kgs 95KGS/85KGS 895*565*735mm  
AS-13 strapping machine


Power Speed package size Max tension force
220V 50HZ
≤3second/cycle 60mm~Unlimited 50kgs
belt width Driving motor Size(L*M*H) G.W/N.W
6mm~15mm Single-phase1/4H 1400*565*450mm 90KGS/70KGS
AS-300 strapping machine


Power Speed Max tension force Strap
0.85KVA 1ph,100V-240V,50/60Hz
≤2.3second/cycle 5-80kg

Polypropylene Width;


Size(L*M*H) G.W/N.W    
W1410 x D600 x H1540mm(arch W850 x H600)
AS-55A strapping machine


Power Speed belt width Net weight
380V 50Hz ≤2.5second/cycle 6mm-15mm 250kgs
Gross weight Driving motor G.W/N.W  
330kgs Sigle-phase 1/4HP 330kgs/250kgs  
AS-200 strapping machine


Power Speed Table height  
220V 50Hz ≤2.5second/cycle 750mm